Wireless outdoor alarms

Outdoor Alarm ¦ Outdoor Wireless Solar Powered Perimeter Alarms

Now you can protect your premises with this new technology!
Simply place the 2 beams facing each other. If someone breaks the beams it emits a signal back to the control box in your house, which then sets off an alarm or phones you. This system emits 2 beams, 8 inches apart. If 1 beam is broken by a bird, leaf, etc no alarm is set off. If a person goes through it, they break the 2 beams, thereby eliminating false alarms. Because the system is solar powered and wireless, these alarms can be placed anywhere. Because of this, they are ideal for protecting building perimeters, farm outbuildings, oil tanks and diesel storage tanks, driveways and entrances to farms and remote farm buildings. Once you set up the system it charges itself during the day, even on cloudy days. It can last 7 days without sunlight so it never needs to be charged and never has any down time.

The 2 beams can be placed 100 meters apart and 1000 meters from the base unit.

Can support up to 20 pairs of beams on one system.

System includes:
1 x base unit / receiver with auto dialler and / or built-in alarm
1 X remote control
1 x pair of wireless solar powered beams
1 x pair of metal mounting poles for beams

Additional pairs of beams available at £145 per pair

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