Vehicle Registration Cameras


Capture any car number plate or vehicle registration number with our specially designed number plate CCTV camers. These cameras are built specifically to capture vehicle number plates / registation plates in day-time or at night-time, even when the car has full beam headlights on.
This camera can capture a vehicle number plate during the daytime, and then at night time when a car approaches it automatically blacks out the cars headlights (even full / main beam) and then brings up the number plate for clear view. These number plate cameras use the latest technology. They act as a high quality cctv camera during the day and in moonlight they act as a low light CCTV camera, as well as a number plate camera. If it is completely dark and a car has its lights turned off the led diode provides enough light to light up the number plate's reflective surface and send the number plate image / number back to the CCTV camera which can then be recorded onto any DVR / CCTV recorder.