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4 channel Hd cctv recorder

Hawk Evolution Hd cctv (white)

  Our Price: £110.00
Hawk Evolution Hd cctv (white).
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1000 Tvl SONY HD / High Definition 2.1 Mega Pixel 960h+ Lens CCTV camera

Hawk Evolution 1000 Tvl Sony CCD HD CCTV camera with 35 metre IR and a massive 2.8mm - 12mm Varifocal 2.1 Megapixel 960h+ lens. 5 X Digital Zoom.

Most manufacturers specify 'High resolution' for the camera and do not give the Tvl (television line - image quality) or say 650 high resolution. Actually for CCTV, 700 tvl is 'high resolution' - and our Hawk antivandal dome is 1000 Tvl.

Most 1000tvl cameras are 1.3 Mega pixel lens. Our Hawk dome camera is actually made with a 2.1 Mega pixel lens, delivering 40% higher quality images to the camera's processor.

A camera consists of 2 main parts, a 'ccd' and a 'dsp'. When choosing a truly high quality image CCTV camera you should have a Sony ccd and Sony dsp. A lot of companies use a Sony ccd but use a cheaper dsp, such as nextchip or xvision. Because we use Sony ccd and Sony dsp along with our 2.1 mega pixel lens, you are assured of the highest quality image possible.
Sony 1000tvl ccd and Sony 1000tvl Dsp = 960h+ Hd resolution.

An additional feature to the quality of our Hawk cameras is that they are low light. This means that, as well as having the infra red night vision, they stay in colour longer than other manufacturers' domes. How do we achieve this? Our domes have an 'auto iris, varifocal lens'. This means that when it starts to get dark the inside of the camera's lens opens up automatically to let more light in. Also, when it gets brighter, the lens closes slightly. This ensures that it reacts to brighter lights 20% quicker than most cameras, which ensures quality images at all times.

If a camera's power fluctuates due to a spike or surge in the power, which is actually a very common occurance, it causes damage to the ccd board and can cause permanent quality damage in the picture, and may even lead to the camera failing. All our Hawk cameras come with a wide voltage dual ccd board. This means that our cameras are able to run off voltages from 8v to 18v, so if there is a spike in the camera's power or the camera's power adaptor it will not affect the cameras

All varifocal Hawk cameras are 2.8mm to 12mm unlike the older cheaper models which are 4mm - 9mm.

All our cameras include a power adaptor.

With all these factors we believe our cameras are of the highest quality and offer the best value for money.

Evolution Camera SPEC:
Colour: White
1000 Tvl HD (High Definition) CCTV Camera
2.1 Mega Pixel Lens
35 - 45 Meter Night Vision
Low light auto irish lens
5 x Digital Zoom
DWDR Function (Dynamic WDR / Wide Dynamic Range Lens)
3D DNR / Dynamic Noise / interference Reduction
OSD Menu
Sony Effio  1000tvl ccd lens
2.8 – 12mm Varifocal Lens
Colour Day Vision
Infra-red night vision up to 35 metres
Ip66 rated for outdoor use.
All cameras include a free power adaptor.

Image from Sony / Hawk 700 tvl Evolution Hd camera and 700tvl Sony / Hawk Hd varifocal dome
Image of 700tv Varifocal camera
HD Varifocal camera zoomed in


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