5Km Wireless Rotating Zoom Lambing Camera


Lambing camera 5Km Digital Wireless Rotating Lambing Camera

About This Product

LAMBING CAMERA - 5Km digital rotating zoom lambing camera system

Simply plug the ptz rotating / zoom lambing camera into the Digitally encrypted transmitter, then plug the Digitally encrypted receiver into the box provided, which connects to your tv and pc / router, now you can now view  and control your HD Ip lambing camera on your Tv, Pc & mobile phone worldwide.
This system is available with up to 8 ptz rotating zoom lambing cameras or 8 static cameras.

Unlike analogue 5.8ghz & 2.4ghz systems, this system is Digitally Encrypted so is not prone to interference or signal being picked up by and other wireless device.

This system can also be used to transmit broadband from your house up to your shed or out buildings or from another house to your house, You can even use it to transmit the Ip camera or broadband to another house 5 Km away

System includes Transmitter, Receiver, Night vision Ip rotating lambing camera, Tv/Internet controller box, all relevant power, poe and cables.

Lambing Camera features:

35 - 50 Meter night vision

Rotate up / down / left / right

10 X optical zoom

The Digital Ip transmitter receiver has:

Data Encryption – cannot be viewed by other devices

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