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800 Tvl Antivandal dome (black)

4 channel Hd cctv recorder

  Our Price: £205.00
4 Channel Hd dvr recorder with 2000gb hard drive for cctv
4 Channel Hd dvr recorder with 2000gb hard drive for cctv 4 Channel Hd dvr recorder with 2000gb hard drive for cctv

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4 Channel Evolution Hd dvr recorder with 2000gb hard drive and network access. H.264 Compression
 About our dvr recorders:
The software on our dvr's is the new central management system (cms) from Digital Network Solutions. This is the most advanced, yet user friendly software available for dvr recorders on the market. This allows you to bac-kup/save footage as an .avi file (no converter needed), or h.264 onto either an sd card or a flash drive.
 The huge 2000gb (2 Tb) hard drive installed in our dvr recorders is the new Seagate Sv series designed for dvr recorders and so prevents failures, unlike the cheaper 500 gb pc type which most cctv suppliers use.

You can view live images from this CCTV recorder on your PC, Iphone, Android phone and Windows mobile phone.

Once networked, the dvr allows you to view, rewind, pause, back-up files and snapshot images onto your pc. This dvr also has digital zoom on each camera, even over the network.
Other functions include allowing you to search all motion detection files for specific cameras or dates.

 Includes: mouse, remote control, white and yellow phono cable to connect to tv, 7 meter internet cable to connect the dvr recorder to the broadband/internet router and cctv warning sign.

Output:1 x vga output (connects to vga monitor) and 2 x bnc output (can also connect to two televisions), 1 x Hdmi output for Hd and 1 x Rj45 output for network/internet.

Evolution Record Times with 2tb at full D1 (approx)
2 Cam              16 weeks
4 Cam              8 weeks

 Main features of our dvr recorders:
  • Records real time: when playing or backing up footage it still records.
  • Motion Detection, continuous recording or both.
  • You can set the dvr to email you if there is motion detected on one of the cameras or if there is a camera failure.
  • The Dvr makes a list of all motion detected events when in constant record so that the user can see when motion was present and playback that file.
  • Access to cameras over the internet via pc or mobile phone (Android/Windows/iPhone/Symbian phone).
  • On your mobile phone you can view live footage, backup live video or snapshots onto your mobile phone which can be viewed or emailed at any time.
  • Internet features include: Search, E-mail, playback, rewind, zoom, alter setting, take snapshots, backup footage to your pc.
  • Backup images or video file to a flash drive or pc over the internet. You can also print out cctv images from your pc.
  • When the hard drive is full it overwrites itself so you can always have 10 - 12 weeks recording on the dvr all the time. When overwriting, it deletes the oldest hour recorded and records an hour.
  • You can search all recordings by date time, time-line graph, camera motion and/or alarm.
  • Supports wireless mouse so if the dvr is in the attic / loft it can be can be controlled from the room below with a wireless mouse (range dependent).
  • Supports WIFI connection to internet (wireless wifi dongle receiver).
  • Once you power it up it starts recording straight away.
  • 9 - 12 weeks recording stored with 4 cameras on the highest quality/resolution with 2tb hard drive.
  • Screen can show individual or multiple cameras.
  • User friendly - simply right click on mouse to get different options on screen.
  • A number of users and guests are allowed to log in, the tasks each user is able to carry out can be limited and customised.
  • 4 x Speed forward and rewind, unlimited speed time-line graph, slow play or play one frame at a time.
  • Name the cameras, eg: CH1 - Drive, CH2 - Front door, etc.
  • Digitally zoom in on both playback and live footage.
  • Can back up as AVI file (no converter needed) or H.264.
  • H.264 playback software is automatically saved onto flash drive when saving or exporting cctv footage off the dvr.
  • HDMI output for better resolution picture.
  • Multiple resolution choice: CIF, QCIF, HD1, D1.
  • Records 25 frames per second per camera inc D1 and Hd1 resolution.
  • Supports high speed ptz camera
  • Includes mouse, remote control, white and yellow phono cable to connect to tv, 7 meter internet cable to connect the dvr recorder to the broadband/internet router & cctv warning sign.

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